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After-sales service
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Before sale:

Due to the particularity of non-standard automation industry, the company received from the customer, the engineering team will be the feasibility of the case in the implementation of the professional, comprehensive, and there will be a problem. Given the circumstances that can carry out the perfect design. Let customer real implementation by machine instead of manual, lower labor costs, improve productivity this purpose.

After sale:

1, Sheng jie will provides the omni-directional service for the customer, the contract warranty company bear the related equipment operation training, maintenance, repair, targeted repair, technical advisory services, in the meantime, what happened all wearing parts and standard parts caused by natural damage repair, replacement costs.

2, after receiving repair service we will be reply within half a day, in the case of need to solve, will be sent on the scene in 24 hours service.

3, equipment use period, to provide spare parts at cost price.

4, provide life-long free technical advisory services.