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In May 2010, dongguan Sheng jie automation machinery technology co., LTD. Was set up, the company is located in shijie town, dongguan city, liu village, with a registered capital of RMB: 2 million yuan, cover an area of an area: 3000 square meters, the staff of about 20 people.

In May 2010, the company has upgraded to average taxpayer, enhance comprehensive strength.

In 2013 successfully developed clip set of installed equipment and obtained the national patent.

The top qiao automation company was established in 2015.

Successful r&d TYPE 2015 - C terminal equipment and obtained the national patent.

In February 2016, won the People's Republic of China issued by the state intellectual property office utility model patent certificate.

In December 2016, the company by shijie liu house moved to shijie four village, expand production scale, covers an area of 8000 square meters, staff of about 50 people.

More than 2017, the company focus on research and development, well-paid mechanical engineer, developed a variety of non-standard automation equipment, testing, packaging, assembly, assembly machine.

Declaration in 2017 high-tech enterprises has entered the stage of review.

Along the way, we're still trying to, we will do better!