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Main products
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Main products:

1. Various series PCB JACK/PJ series (gold/discharge side) automatic set of machine;

2. Automatic vent needle PIN machine (single/double row/embossing insert/extrapolation/K bending);

3. Racing track series group installed;

4. FFC/FPC automatic assembly machine, PIN HEADER automatic PIN machine/BTO B series terminal group installed automatically;

5. Terminal automatic locking screw machine, clip group installed machine series;

6. USB3.1 TYPE - C series group installed;

The AC/DC plug automation group installed; 7.

Installed 8. Architectural hardware group, group pressure switch installed;

9. Continuous terminal (USB - A/B / 1394 each series of products such as single and double layer plug/socket/install iron shell) group installed;

10. Continuous terminal (ATX/IDC/ATA/PCI/DIMM) D - SUB/DR/HDR connector installed;

11. The packaging machine, automatic locking screw machine, work fixture;

12. Non-standard assembly equipment, electrical and electronic assembly machine, all kinds of doors and Windows lock set installed, toy assembly line, assembly lines, automatic production line, electronic equipment;

13. The need for the new production technology, design, production automation equipment design according to customer's production equipment and assembly production line; Equipment upgrading and integration services;

14. All kinds of non-standard automation equipment, design, manufacturing, and made.