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Date: 2016-10-26
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Recruitment position:1. (3) , Salary: face meeting3.(2) Familiar with the Internet, proficient in various network promotion skills, and experience in network marketing is preferred;

Recruitment position:

1. Automated assembly master (several names)

Requirements : With non-standard automation equipment installation experience, can understand mechanical drawings, understand the mechanical principle, and interested in automation machinery. Workhard, be dedicated, be hardworking, and have independent ability to solve machine assembly.

Salary: Negotiable

2, non-standard mechanical engineers (several names)


(1) Senior non-standard automation equipment design engineer has many years of experience in designing “electronic connector equipment”. 
(2) Proficiency in the use of mechanical design software such as solidworls and 3D software. 
(3) , Salary: face meeting

3. Network Promotion Specialist (2)

Responsibilities: (1) Responsible for the operation management of the company's online trading platform and the release of product information; (2) , the company's website, WeChat publicaccount operation and promotion ; (3) , channel development and business development through the network;

Qualifications: (1) , college degree or above, network promotion, marketing and other related majors;

(2) Familiar with the Internet, proficient in various network promotion skills, and experience in network marketing is preferred;

(3) Have good professionalism, professionalism and team spirit, and have certain ability to withstand stress;

(3) , welcome fresh graduates resume ;

All of the above positions include accommodation and food, and the employment is preferred.Welcome friends who are seeking job related positions to inquire.

Contact: Mr. Huang

Contact number: 0769-88486523/13580888428

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